Monday, 19 July 2010

light my way

I am waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel.
Meanwhile I seem to have slipped in to Mondays being my Sundays. I run errands and do stuff but a lot of the day is marked out by wearing ugg boots and seeing how many cups of tea I can drink. And I do start the day by going back to bed for half and hour with my bucket of tea.
This year has involved a lot of promotion type stuff in my life, calls for product loans and emails bouncing back and forth from print media. Over the next few months you'll get to see stuff that happened at the start of the year. Things that were exciting in February but seem to have lost their way as the year slips by....... 
But this week's exciting launch is for Audio Design Museum. It's an on-line-pod-cast-map-downloadable tour through selected destinations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Gertrude St is one of the Melbourne destinations, so you can download it on to your mp3 player, catch the tram to Gertrude Street and have your own guided tour. Fourteen of us were interviewed for it and I do have to say I rather like the description of the Cottage as ' granny takes a trip' - it's been used before but this time the image makes me chuckle-obviously good drugs in the nursing home!
I really am going to attempt to get some of my outstanding millstones out of the way today. If I can start seeing little piles of finished work appearing then perhaps I will start feeling better about things.

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  1. love the sound of the tour, will try it next time I am in town. (Next year I hope)
    hope the light switch has turned on Pen? In the neantime Uggs and tea buckets are absolutely the way forward.
    I am very peed off as I went to book tickets for some of the Bbc Proms in the Albert Hall and all the concerts I had circled are sold out, RATS!

    Sarah x


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