Saturday, 24 July 2010

happy little campers

As you know I love Scouting badges..... 
Well this week has been all about dibbing-and-dobbing and sneaking over to the Girl Guides campsite to steal as many badges as I could to add to the Scout merit badges I already had. All this has lead to some new things in-store!
Going in today is the 'Campside Poncho' and the 'dib-dib' and 'dob-dob' tote bags. My favourite badges at the moment are the slightly cross-eyed Robert Baden-Powell and the knowingly smirking Agnes Baden-Powell.
I now have some new work to take to Sydney so am going to try and jump in and work-work-work on getting other stock finished.... the countdown has started!

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  1. what fun! I too was bitten by the scouting bug this week - silly really but I had a 50p that was a scouting mint! I have been shopping everyone but I got mixed up and spent it at todays booty! LOL!



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