Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Yesterday's studio day involved breaking tapestries out of their frames and making a pouffé- jeez it was an exhausting one to make, seemed to take me hours longer than it should have.
Then I ended with beanbag beans everywhere which resulted in a bit of vacuuming and getting ready for today's chore. I have to meet The Man with a Van at my old home to finally move the sofas that have been sitting there for.... well... two and a half years.... oh, how time flies. More crap in my life I need to lug around. People have been commenting how I will be able to have a nap on them at the studio... yeah great... another way to bunk off work!

Jethro has product tested the new pouffé and particularly likes the siamese cat bit. It's a bit of a stunner. One day perhaps I'll get to keep one.

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