Saturday, 3 July 2010

mist, fog and cloud

I got to drive through thick glowing mist yesterday. Trees and fences and building seemed suddenly to materialise out of the blanketing whiteness. Fog-bound is how I have been feeling lately- but I like fog and mist and the way winter hides and then throws things into sharp relief, washes things clean and makes sunlight glow. I love winter driving, flying along in a little warm cocoon to arrive somewhere bracingly cold.
We are having a real winter this year, with rain and touches of searing cold, and it's quite refreshing after years of drought winters. The drought's not over but the rain has been nice to fall asleep to. 
It's shopgirl duty today (although the bed was so snuggly to be in) and I've started the day by blowing the diet with Redbeard Carmen Miranda bread with yummy butter. Hey, it's winter, time for things topped with lashings of butter! 
If you are heading down Fitzroy way today then come up to 200 Gertrude St for 'Super Market'. Kim Brockett (from Craft Victoria) has organised a 'swap meet' event that's on from 11am until 4pm. There will be artists spreading out their picnic rugs to barter and swap stuff- no money to change hands! Dell and Adam are in on it and Dell has said she will happily barter for baked goods! Sounds like an absolute hoot, all very renegrade! (I'm stuck working in the shop- bugger- but you can always come visit me after.)

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