Wednesday, 21 July 2010

love object

It was an early start this morning. 
Revisiting my old home to collect furniture that has been on 'loan'. There is still the laundry to sort too. I may have moved out two and a half years ago but I seem to have left a trail of possessions. 
So my poor old cat scratched Knole sofas are residing at the studio now and I've made up a little lounging area in a corner. It's meant a move around of things in the studio and perhaps it's worked as a way to improve the juju of the place, which has been depressing me for months. 
It's strange going back to Brunswick Street. My past seems to be catching up with me this week. So many memories.


  1. Hey isn't it a funny week for blasts from the past! I've had lunch with people I haven't see in 10 years, emails from a woman I haven't heard of in 20. As you say, so many memories of times past.

  2. Sometimes I find going through old possessions can be a nice reminder of who you are - it's kind of grounding. And then you end up sitting on the floor surrounded by old photos! I kind of like that - bittersweet.

  3. You could always re-upholster the sofas entirely in thrifted tapestries... that would be so awesome! hope that juju comes through for you <3


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