Thursday, 29 July 2010

can't stand up for falling down

No reason for the post title really, just had Elvis Costello playing in the studio today this Sam and Dave song is just too fabulous.
The magnolia tree's buds are swelling and about to pop. There are tiny little leaf green dots appearing along the branches. When it happens it will be like popcorn- one bud will pop, a pause, and then all of them will bloom, quickly and beautifully. Hopefully I will see it all before I hit the road to Sydney.
I realised today that I had a lot of half started/finished projects in the studio and that was why I was feeling so frustrated. The morning went well completing projects and cutting new work out ready to go, then I went out to get some lunch and the rest of the afternoon slowed down......
Ben came for a visit to show me his new train (the headlamp lights up and choo-choos along nicely) and there was lots of squealing and giggling- a nice way to end the day.
I have a morning of errands and then back in the studio..... time is running out.....

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