Tuesday, 27 July 2010

a little dotty

I've managed to eat too much cheesy potato bake and am sitting here regretting being such a pig ('I'll just have a little more, oh look, not much left, I should just finish it off....'). I need ginger beer but there is none in the house. Damn.
I drove up to pick up the last batch of gloves today, lots of dyeing to do in the next day or so, and lots of studio work to do too. And new postcards to sort out. And ordering things I need in the next month. And booking accommodation. And making, making, making. And starting to sort out piles and maybe even- shock horror- writing a list! Groan.
And I need to buy a roadmap of Australia book-type-thingy. 
I love maps- but that's another story for another day.


  1. I did a double helping of apple crumble.

    With lashings of cream.

    So I empathise...

  2. I love the neddles, too pretty just to knit with though! Hair???? lol!

  3. chocolate ripple cake here Pen.

  4. Spaghetti and a thousand meatballs here, loving those polka dot needles, do tell us about them!

  5. i'm glad i'm not the only intentional over caterer
    for me its crumble always crumble


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