Monday, 26 July 2010

vitamin d

Such a lovely gentle sunny day in Old Melbourne Town yesterday.
I had to go to Williamstown to pick up some stuff and ended up on the foreshore eating fish and chips with this chap above. A cheeky bugger he chased off the other gulls, stole chips from the paper and even enjoyed being hand fed. My iPhone had a spak-attack chewed up a whole batch of photos and saved them as black square of nothingness and then shut down and wouldn't turn on for a couple of hours- hence the single photo of Gull to sum up the whole day.
It was nice to sit in the sun, if only for half an hour, and soak up a bit of vitamin D. The fish and chips were really good (although they needed more salt) and I do love a bit of battered shark. No grilled fancy fish for me, if I'm going chippery then it has to flake- and no lemon thanks, it overpowers the sea and makes the batter soggy.

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