Monday, 19 July 2010

it's a start

The plan for today was to clear the decks, at least a little, and I have managed to uncover some of the big table upstairs. Apparently it is made of wood..... haha. My plan was to start wading through the UFOs. 
So far I have finished the pile of gift tags.

The baskets of purses.

Printed out some more of the new card designs.

And sorted buttons for earrings. I've had someone to help with this last project. Jethro decided to sit in the big plastic box the buttons are stored in and to attack my hand each time I reached in. His latest trick is walking through the tray the pairs are all laid out on and stealing individual buttons. Cheeky little bugger.

1 comment:

  1. Ah Pen,
    tis the season
    I've been clearing surfaces, but now the floor has gone somewhere.
    Saw Bill again today and he has re-issued an invitation to the bunker. Something about WW1 leather saddles, samples and remnants...
    i went in for more aprons, came out with...


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