Wednesday, 28 July 2010

all the best people

We managed to wheedle an early copy of this Friday's (melbourne) magazine out of our local newsagent. You see the people of the Cottage have been waiting for this edition.......

First up Dell got her brooches in Lucy Feagin's first article for the magazine 'A few of my favourite things' (pages 56-59, Dell is on page 58). Fabulous!

And then in amongst all the people we know who were included in this month's features (and there are a lot of them!) you can spy a set of callisthenics/juggling batons that you might remember hanging in the shop. (Miss L'uccello bought us out of most of them to use in her shop displays.)

And finally in 'the best of august' selection we have our lovely angora/lambswool fingerless gloves! (Check page 23.) So at this point we have to do a whole 'yay for us!' dance because that is apparently the done thing. You can join in if you want......


  1. Thanks for the well wishes Pen! Hope that you've been feeling better lately. Yay dance with spirit fingers, just for you.

  2. thanks for the heads up - I'm only getting The Age on weekends at the moment so will get a copy tomorrow - looks great.


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