Monday, 10 January 2011

toast rack

I've wanted a toast rack for ages.
I hate hot toast and I hate sweaty limp toast. I want my toast crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and at just the right temperature not to make the butter a runny oily mess. Just call me Goldilocks.
I scored this red rack last week, not totally perfect as it only handles thinner toast not chunky sourdough but it is a toast rack nonetheless.
I have also developed a love of artisan butter. I know...... Goldilocks is a wanker.

I'm off to the studio today, although I have been procrastinating with emails, eating breakfast slowly and trying to work out where I'm going to put all the props that I was meant to paint yesterday that are littering the shop. I really need to get the damn studio sorted but it's a bit of a daunting job, I mean the house is still a pigsty so how can I manage to clean a space three times the size??
OK I better get the day started, I'll vacuum the shop and lock Jethro up so Anna doesn't have to chase him around the shop and head out in the hope of achieving something today.


  1. toast racks are the way forward - I'm less convinced about the hoovering though......I probably ought to have a go here..... hmm, maybe some toast first.......

    Sarah x

  2. i too think toast racks rule, both for toast and for showing off collections of floral side plates and saucers. love them.


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