Saturday, 15 January 2011

love is a cushion

A huge thank you to everyone who has contacted us about the Queensland tea towel cushions and a big kiss on the cheek to all our friends who have re-posted about it. I have to admit I almost cried when the emails started to come through from interstate- thank you.
As they disappear out of the window I will make new ones to replace them, we have a week to go as of today so do let me know if you want a picture sent through to you.
Also I forgot to mention that if you want one mailed to you the Cottage will be paying the postage so all you have to cough up is the price of the cushion..... and it doesn't matter where you want it sent, intrastate, interstate or overseas.
Also if you aren't big on cushions made from tea towels I am fossicking out a few tea-towel shoppers that have Queensland themes on them and the same deal will apply, I may not have them in store 'til Monday however.
I'm in the shop today so if you want to ring and talk Queensland souvenir tea-towels please do (although I may need to take your number and call you back if I am busy).

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  1. Ah Pen you are so brilliant to do this! Good work cottage girl, are there any cushions left?

    love the lane girl x


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