Tuesday, 11 January 2011

oh crap

Yep, I got exactly nowhere with the studio clean yesterday.
I bit of vacuuming, mainly over the same area multiple times, a general lack of any motivation and a general feeling of overwhelmedness (sic). The cutting table needs a new top, a whole pile of rubbish needs to be weeded out and crap needs to be culled.
Although a nap on a sofa seems a rather good idea.
I am waiting for inspiration to hit.
I know if I get one area sorted the rest will follow.
For a moment I thought new fabric roll shelves might help but really that was just a form of procrastination. I need to be using up the fabric not hoarding more rolls.
Just wish it wasn't quite so humid.


  1. now now Miss Pen, do I have to come over all GrannyLike and say, get to it girl!!?
    come on you know it will look AbFab when finished, just try one area/thing at a time. GoodLuck (and yes it is humid in Melb.today but will be like this all week....sadly)


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