Saturday, 8 January 2011

snoozaway saturday

I can't believe it's Saturday. I'm shopgirl again.
I think I am more tired now than I was a week ago and am planning a big lie-in tomorrow morning. Perhaps it's just the hot weather that has hit me for six again. The photo is of Jethro passed out yesterday, he managed to stretch in his sleep and fall off the chest of drawers. I may have sniggered at his embarrassment. He shared the bed last night, slept on his back with his legs in the air and his tummy cooled by the fan. Honestly he sometimes takes up more of the bed than a fully grown man! As you may be able to guess I have very little to report apart from an overwhelming desire to crawl back into bed.

And a warning- if I get bored/sleepy I may close the shop at 5pm today.

Oh! Before I forget the sandals are on their way! I'll let you know as soon as they have landed!


  1. oh give us this day our day in bed
    (prayer misquote a nun told me once)
    saw a red pair of those sandals on the XPT from sydney and they looked fantastic!

  2. Must admit I shut up shop early yesterday as it was getting dark and punters were very thin on the ground. Rushed home in torrential rain, gathered Mr.Boodle and staggered over the fields through the quagmire!!!! (This was rendered slightly more pleasurable by new Liberty print lined Barbour jacket given to me for Christmas by Bert- he is a God!)Almost went for a burton in the stream at the bottom of our field on my way home, fortunately had the presence of mind to grab hold of overhanging branch, phew that was close! By the time I staggered up to the back door it was pitch black and only 4.50pm!
    Winter is officially bobbins!

    Now those sandals sound promising! I meant to send a photo of me modelling my dress in the snow on Christmas day but got carried away with the bucks fizz and then ran out of time..... I'm sure you can imagine it!

    Happy sleeping,
    Sarah x

    Jethro - you must stop the comedy falls you could get hurt!


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