Wednesday, 26 January 2011

intruder alert

Jethro and I awoke at 4.15 this morning to the sound of raowling on the landing outside the bedroom.
We had an intruder in the house.

A couple of weeks ago a little cat started sitting outside the back gate calling and calling for Jethro, amazingly Jethro just sits and listens, he doesn't growl or hiss or raowl back. Of course it's in the middle of the night so I have to go down and scare her off by knocking on the gate. We can hear her run off into the night, little bell tinkling.

Last night she managed to squeeze under the gate through a 3" gap and made her way upstairs, she sat and raowled about a metre away and Jethro just sat at the end of the bed and looked at her. When I turned the light on she scooted down the stairs, I followed and managed to see by the flashlight one little stripey leg as it slipped under the gate and into the night.

I don't know whether I am more astounded by her daring or by Jethro's calm attitude to having a stranger-cat in the house. After she left he had a wander through the house then came back to bed. He's one weird kitten. Perhaps he likes having a feline groupie.


  1. He is very comfortable with his inner tiger!

    Adoring felines are all part of the job description!

    How very brave she was though, she must REALLY like him!

    Sarah x

  2. Well... who could blame the young girl? Jethro is damn fine! :)

  3. Yes, it sounds like Jethro is simply at one with his inner kitty and understands that other cats are in awe of this :)


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