Monday, 3 January 2011

temptation and motivation

Some of my friends have been posting pictures of their gourmet breakfasts (some strange New Year's resolution I believe). At a stretch gourmet breakfast for me at the moment is macadamia nut muesli and bio-d milk on the deck, although yesterday's was sausage in bread at Bunnings...... I have made 5 trips in the last week to Bunnings and have decided that is just too freaking many....
I've been decking around but that is all finished (bar a few plants that will not be purchased from that B place) and today is the day when I need to put the shop to rights. I've been snoozing and lolling with Jethro though and as the day ticks away I am losing any motivation. It must be done though! Another cup of tea perhaps and a bit of music. The last 4 episodes of Season 3 true Blood is tempting me to sit on the couch all day.... no! I have work to do! Then I'll sit on the couch!

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  1. The gourmet will last until we all head back to work, then it will be a series of take out bagels and coffee no doubt
    And there's nothing wrong with a bunnings snag... Breakfast of DIY champions!!!
    Glad your enjoying season three
    And your jetty


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