Saturday, 29 January 2011

how green is my valley

You may not have noticed but I have been away for the last few days. My op-shopping pal and I headed north. Let's say a trip that should have taken about 3 1/2  hours going slow took about 8 with numerous detours.
Yesterday I got to meet up with Anne who is hopefully going to do some special work for me. It's taken ages to get time organised to meet face to face and chat about new projects but I am excited. Then we head off a bit further and got to have tea and cake with Miss Charlotte at her beautiful valley home. We were packed off with biscuits and the yummiest wild blackberries for the trip home.
Now it's Shopgirl Saturday (how does it come around so fast??) and I have to get the stuff collected in the last couple of days packed away so customers don't trip over  it all.


  1. Wow, how pretty. You wouldn't guess that Aus could be that green!

  2. OOh wild blackberries, yummy and so so green and golden and gorgeous, happy days,

    Sarah x


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