Tuesday, 4 January 2011


So the 4th has crept up on us and the Cottage is open for its first day in 2011.
I finished moving stuff around and cleaned out the change room where I'd stashed the lamp bases and shop props. And I've unpacked and priced all the birds- yes, the missing birds finally arrived the first day after Xmas that the post resumed. Hmmmm. Remember, birds aren't just for Xmas. There is a whole new batch and some old favourites too. I put away some of the crazier glitter ones that I ordered but my favourites at the moment are the hanging bird balls, plump little birds covered in the prettiest feathers, tawny mixed with iridescent. There are peacocks, pheasants, doves and the owls are back in too.
Poor sick Dell is driving the counter today so I might sneak out and go into the city. I don't feel like that couple of days of rest have done their magic..... I wonder why!

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