Thursday, 13 January 2011

cushions for queensland

The cleaning has progressed- slowly- now the clean areas are making the uncleaned areas look really really grotty. Hate that.
Whilst I cleaned I tried to think of something to do to help flooded Queensland. To me donating is something quiet and personal, it shouldn't be sung from the rooftops, it is not about the person giving but the cause receiving. As I cleaned up I noticed all the piles of tea-towels, how Queensland always makes the brightest and cheeriest (and a little bit cheesiest) and I realised I couldn't in all good conscience sell Queensland tea-towel cushions with everything going on up there. I decided I could sell them though if we donated 100% of the retail price for every Queensland themed cushion sold from now until the 22nd of January. I got to work and sorted and stitched and we now have a whole new batch displayed in the window- and there is some absolute stunners in there.
So if you've been umming-and-ahhing over a Queensland cushion now is the time. You'll get to go home with a cushion and a warm and fuzzy feeling and we will send through a donation of $60 for each cushion sold. Jethro has chosen the Queensland RSPCA as the beneficiary of the donation. The RSPCA managed to find foster homes for all 500 animals at their centre and have been setting up animal 'creches' at the relief centres but they have lost everything in the flood.
If you are interstate or overseas and are wanting to get one of these cushions email or call and we can send through some photos or attempt to vividly describe them over the phone.

(There is even a Goondiwindi one in the window......)


  1. oh Pen I dropped by your shop today, it looks lovely♥


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