Saturday, 22 January 2011

almost the end

So here we are, the Queensland cushion fundraiser ends today at 6pm. It's been an exciting week fossicking for Queensland themed tea-towels in the stash of thousands at the studio, going out to the Mother-of-all-Op-Shops to do a quick grab and heading up to Fryerstown yesterday to see if there was any treasures amongst the piles of detritus and crap at this annual 'antiques' market.

This enamel set was a bit stunning but it was far too matchy-matchy for me. I can see it in a Russian dacha! I went for some enamel plates and bowls instead and am regretting not buying a Metters enamel pot and lid in a really unusual shade of chartreuse-y green. Jen scored a fabulous tablecloth that I may have to break into her house and steal. By the end of the day we were pretty hot and dusty but it was certainly not the crazed 40ÂșC+ weather up there that I have experienced in the past. I'm quite knackered today and could happily sleep until 2pm but I am up and about ready to be shopgirl (well perhaps not quite ready).

I have three more Queensland tea-towels to show you. Not made into cushions yet but if you are interested in one as part of the fundraiser email or call today and they will be ready to send out as cushions on Monday. And a big thanks to Geraldene for sending through the Darling Downs version!
I'll be posting the finally tally in the next couple of days.
Ok, I'd better scoot, things to do!


  1. Max has adopted the aquatic playground tea-towel as his own special cushion... As I de bagged it at home he said "thank you mummy I love it". Presumptuous little bugger!

  2. Such a great idea... and I've just seen your post about your little helper. Speaking as the human mum of a geriatric Miss Moppet-type moggy, I'm guessing cat fur is an added bonus at no extra cost to anyone who buys a cushion! I'll try to drop in and check out the cushions properly soon, I hope your fundraiser goes well!


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