Saturday, 1 August 2009


The good ship (book) HandMadeLife 'i make stuff' was well and truly launched last night. We cracked a jeroboam of champagne across her bows and she slipped gracefully into the flowing waters of creativity. We all cheered and smiled proudly.
It was also the opening of Craft Cubed and the Perspective exhibition. A nice crowd of people and a hilarity of children (there's a new collective noun!). At the end of the evening these two in the photo had us entranced. They decided to carry through the 'i make stuff' theme and..... started to make stuff. A couple of stools, a poncho and their kicked off boots were enough for a joint installation- these kids have potential, someone sign them up quick!


  1. the stool performance was cool.
    was a lovely night eh.

  2. hey, I know these kids! Merri and Banjo are very creative.... and their mum was telling me about the exhibition just this morning, small world eh?


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