Friday, 14 August 2009

clever girl

Nikki Gabriel is someone who I admire to the max. Her work is extremely beautiful on so many levels and her love of technique and the mark of the 'hand' in creating work is just delightful.
And to add to the excitement of her Summer range just going into store over the last few weeks is the opening of her new web-site and her  new project/on-line shop. 
Over the last year she has been developing a bespoke yarn range and a set of accompanying patterns. Called 'Construction' these patterns are a clever mix-and-match accessory/garment.

You can start simple (say a hood) and then add to that through a number of stages to end up with a more complex garment (say a little shrug cardi with hood). The great thing is that you are not only the knitter but you can actually take part in the development of the garment, making choices as to how you would like it to look as the finished item. 
She has developed two yarns and patterns Construction One and Construction Two. There is a lovely almost handspun looking wool yarn and a beautiful alpaca yarn. Lovely. You can check the blog for the background story and ideas behind the new range and pop to the new web-site to buy, buy, buy!

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