Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I was getting ready to post photos of new stock.
New clocks.
New tea cosies.
And then I dropped the camera down the stairs.
So on top of everything else I need to do tomorrow, I now have to race out and get a new camera.
Double farnackle.


  1. OH! DAMN!

    I'm going to look up farnarkle. My mum always used to accuse me of farnarkling when I would switch back and forth between channels. The remote became known as the farnarkler.

    I did, and this is what you get from the urban dictionary...

    Fictitious sport invented by New Zealand/Aussie genius John Clarke, in his persona of NZ sheep farmer Fred Dagg.
    To quote his website "In essence, Farnarkeling is engaged in by two teams whose purpose is to arkle, and to prevent the other team from arkeling, using a flukem to propel a gonad through sets of posts situated at random around the periphery of a grommet.

  2. The internet is so helpful and informative...

  3. I do love a good game of Farnarkle.
    Mr Clarke's game calls were wonderful.

    But I have to say I was using the 'farnarkle' term here as a substitute swear word.... truly excellent as it encompasses both the f-word and a sense of complete annoyance and frustration.

  4. Ah Pen, the best laid plans always go astray.
    Farnarkle sounds like a word verification word.


    bon voyage! Ramona

  5. i was once pointed to on a u.s ski run (my first and only skiing experience) by an american standing in the queue, who said to her friend, "that girl curses too much"!! true story. so from one curser to another, farnackle alright, this situation would absolutely annoy the shinarkles out of me!


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