Tuesday, 11 August 2009

sometimes i'm a brassica

Sometimes I feel like a brassica. Not to eat you know, like 'I feel like some broccoli/Brussels sprout/cabbage for dinner tonight'  but a bit unglamourous, a bit dowdy, a bit ratty from being chewed on by pests, a bit of an acquired taste.
I don't seem to be able to get anything under way or sorted out. This is frustrating and as annoying as hell. I'd really like at least one problem to be solved, one project to come to fruition. I have always felt that this is the hardest thing when 'you make stuff'- when you can't actually get into the swing making of things. The only thing it creates is havoc with your sanity. (Does that make sense?!)
I'd also like a break but that is so not looking possible at the moment.
I've been fighting off a lurgy for the last few weeks and I am ready for it to just either bugger off or make me sick enough that I could have an excuse to take to my bed. I seem to be feeling the cold no matter what I'm wearing or how close I am to the heater. And the studio is freezing at the moment, with no heating.
OK I'll stop grumbling now, go microwave my wheatbag and retire to the comfort of my bed, for tomorrow is another day.


  1. Nice glass of wine, dessert and kitten will cheer you up! Big hugs.

  2. hehe a brassica :)

    yes i hate that feeling! so frustrated not being able to get going! hope you are feeling better soon!


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