Tuesday, 25 August 2009

remembrance of things past

A year ago today Spotty died. I still miss her.

But now I have this in my life.

A crazed bundle of fluff and teeth and kitten curiosity.
He loves water but hates rain.
He likes to sit in the sink.
He fetches. 
He brings toys to bed.
He likes to climb vertical surfaces, the fewer toe-holds the better.
He likes to help.
And sometimes he is so happy to see me I am astounded.


  1. From a lurking cat-lady reader:
    aaw, I have lump in my throat now. I know exactly what you mean about the missing.
    Frolicky kittens are such a contrast when you are so used to a dignified senior, but a big tonic nonetheless. I love reading about your new boy's antics in the shop, glad he has made you feel better.

  2. gorgeous post, heartbreaking and cheery at the same time. my cat fetches too and i love that she greats me so warmly when i come home x

  3. what a beautiful post - what lucky little ball's of fur. x


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