Monday, 3 August 2009

staying at home

I never seem to have enough time in my day/week/etc.
Last week was flat out, fast and furious, and by Friday I had a killer headache/migraine thingy. I am still feeling slightly fried from it and my eyes are only now focusing a bit better.
I did manage to get a pile of work done but there is more on the 'list' (you know I hate those things.........) that needs to be sorted and I just got the feeling today that I needed to stay at home and try to make some order from the chaos.

(Of course it would be quieter at the studio what with the builders and their bad radio next door here. I will be so glad when this renovation is done, it's been 4 months of hideous commercial radio. Mind you I might take that all back when the new tenants move in.)

Miss Magnolia has an almost finished new dress. She looks all sparkly in her fresh lace. I worked most of Friday on her, much to the entertainment of everyone walking by. Our favourite comment came from one of the locals who said it was 'very artestical'. We are planning to use this comment at every art opening we attend from now on.

(The banging is getting worse from next door and Rose Tattoo is belting out a song on the radio- if you hear of a group of tradies being murdered in Fitzroy you will know who committed it.)

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