Friday, 21 August 2009

all lit up

The new old wooden lamp bases have arrived. I've had them all re-wired and given them a good wax. There are four in all so we are all lit up. I rang one customer who was on the waiting list for them and left the most ridiculously garbled message on her voice mail- sorry Kate if you read this! I hope you worked out what I was trying to say..... or at least don't think me totally crazed.

I've also decided to sell some of our lovely hand spun yarn in the shop. I had so many requests when people saw me in the shop knitting I thought it was time to sell it rather than pack it away for next winter! 

A nice incident this evening after the shop was closed.
I was in the shop packing some things away and saw some people get out of a car out the front of the shop. Next thing I know the letter flap springs open and this voice says 'excuse me!', I reply 'yes?' and she says ' just had to tell you your shop looks beautiful!' and the flap springs shut. 
It's a sad fact that when you are so close to your creation (ie my shop and all its contents) things can get very subjective. Whilst your friends might tell you everything is looking lovely sometimes it's little interactions like this that come out of the blue that can really buoy you up.
Thank you stranger for your (very funny) way of making me smile.


  1. Cute story! And lovely, lovely yarn.

  2. Well, as someone who walked past on Friday (with unfortunately no time to stop), I have to agree with the little voice through the letter box! Stunning.

    May I ask a personal question? I share your name (first, not last!) and am wondering if you go by Penelope? For me, it's only an endearing name used by my mother. I used to HATE it, but as I've neared 40 it has grown on me. I actually like it now, but when I hear it, it just doesn't sound like my name.

    Cheers Penelope (!),



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