Thursday, 20 August 2009


There seems to be large holes in my week at the moment.
Teaching takes out a bite, errands a bit more, being somewhere other than the studio even more.
Tomorrow I have to be shopgirl so there goes another studio day.
I feel like the shop is empty at the moment as we have had largish things leaving (sold) and we are low on smaller stock. I know it's not really empty but........ that's how it feels to me sometimes! Probably because unlike other shops I can't just pick up the phone and order it in, it involves the actual making of stuff.
Apparently the article in the New York Times was published this week and I know we were in it as a had a confirmation call from New York but I haven't actually seen it. 
I had nightmares for most of the week involving trying to get somewhere and in a blick of an eye I was miles away in the opposite direction- hmmmmm. Like dreams are meant to difficult to unravel, this one is so obvious I can't believe it!
So in an attempt to clear my head and blow the cobwebs away I've decided I need a break. The next quiet time won't be until after Xmas and there is a huge pile of things to do and get done. I need to recharge so in one week I'm off like a moldy banana! Of course that is in a week's time and I have a lot to sort before then..........


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