Monday, 10 August 2009


I am definitely one of those people who develops a trail of clutter wherever they are.
Last Sunday a big metal and wood trolley (I know it as a 'cage') followed me home. Yes I was that crazy woman balancing a Ladro pizza in one hand and dragging a trolley along with the other. Luckily it just fit through the back gate into my tiny 'backyard' but I have been unable to get through the gate because of it for the last week. So yesterday I filled it with all the the other 'props' (aka junk) that was in the space and wheeled it up the other end of the 'backyard' so that I now have to squeeze out the back door but can at least get out the gate. 
Old wooden ladders, pram wheels, wire bird cages, fluorescent light troughs, metal mop buckets......... They are props, really, truly. Or perhaps I should say 'potential props'. I have plans you know.......
But I have to say they made lovely shadows in the sunshine yesterday.

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  1. they sound like the perfect props, pene and if they're not used in your window, i'll take them for mine!!! x


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