Wednesday, 5 August 2009

omg! nyt!

What a morning!
The Cottage was photographed for the New York Times!
Yes, you heard that right!
The New-York-Freakin'-Times! For the style pages!!!!!
(Hyperventilating! Where's my paper bag?)
Jethro was, as usual, the star of the shoot but it all went to his head and when we opened the shop he made a break for it and got as far as Robio. He now has a wild look in his eyes and a flick to his tail. He needs a good lie down in a dark room.
The New York Times!
(Being the little Eeyore that I am- as Ramona loves to remind me- I know that we may not make the final cut but really it was nice to be chosen for the shoot, there are only 6 of us in the group. Cool huh?)


  1. good for you, that's very exciting i'd be needing the "PB" too....just the kind of advertising one needs, lucky duck!

  2. Super star - even if you don't make the final cut.

  3. yeah
    hoo rah rah!
    I'm being your cheer squad...

  4. i'm "rooting" for you as they say in the us of a.
    here's to the final five

  5. if she can make it there, she'll make it anywhere it's up to you new york NEW YORK!!! those americans are so behind the times aren't they...which is why youll be in it - to catch them up. Claude sends his grumpy congrats although he says the air there is quite garbage like. Always such a positive bird.

  6. Yay for you and your Cottage, pen pen.

  7. Woot! Hope you are in the feature!


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