Wednesday, 12 August 2009

red letter day

A project that I am working on.
That I like but that went annoyingly wrong yesterday. Just silly mistakes. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do.
Jethro has given it the stamp of approval and is currently sitting on the sample (in fact he has now curled up and gone to sleep on it). I was photographing it in the light of the upstairs window and he has decided it is great to sit on and look out the window.
I always liked the concept of the Scarlet Letter. Not that Hester was branded with A for Adulterer but that she wore it proudly on her breast, a big red stitched A. The story actually annoyed the crap out of me, Dimmesdale was such a namby-pamby twat. A curious mix of the Victorian and the Puritan, neither the most liberal of times but certainly quite two-faced.


  1. This looks wonderful. Are they "cash's" labels?

  2. These are definitely not Cash's labels! These are vintage 'textinoms' from France, woven in super fine cotton. You would order monogram labels to go on your laundry for when the laundry ladies came around.
    They are very beautiful.


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