Thursday, 30 July 2009

i make stuff

So you know where we'll all be tomorrow night!
Tomorrow is the opening of the Craft Cubed Festival at Craft Victoria but far more important it is also the launch of 'I Make Stuff'.
How exciting is this?!
Beck and Ramona, the ladies of Handmadelife, are unveiling their zine-that-turned-into-a-book book. So many people we know have been featured. I'm even in it -although I feel like my 'stuff' isn't up to the amazing standard of the other makers!
We are all very proud of our lovely HML ladies. Juggling under one year old boys, family, home, life and all they have even spent the last week embroidering special limited edition dust covers. I suggested they get the BeDazzler out............

6pm Friday 31st of July Craft Victoria, come and see the stuff people make!

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