Thursday, 23 July 2009

things I get roped in on

When I ran into my old friend Reg (at Bunnings when I was sourcing stuff for the window crate) he laughed at me for still, after all these years, getting roped in on crazy projects. Especially when I have enough to do anyway.
This project is for an animation. Just the first practice go.
I had to wear my glasses.

*For those who didn't realise, it's a cardigan you silly duffers!
(And sadly Miss Claude it is too small even for skinny Indi!)


  1. Am I guessing what it is? It looks like a flower, or the hands of that purple guy from McDonalds... can't remember the name. Although that person above is probably right - new critter!

  2. not really the colour Indigo would normally swan around in but glad you are finally making things in her size. she really is feeling the cold this winter.

  3. This made me laugh a lot... what else have you got to make I wonder?
    Am enjoying catching up on your wonderful blog. Love the Mossarium also... a lovely idea.
    xx Elspeth

  4. I hope you didn't have to knit that on toothpicks!


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