Tuesday, 7 July 2009

back to the studio

I've had two full days in the studio (better than last week's one hour) but I can't say I've got anywhere with all the things I need to do. 
Sometimes it can be an uphill struggle. Perhaps it's tonight's full moon. Strangely I had been in the studio today thinking that making stuff can be a bit bio-dynamic at times, the moon has to be in the right phase to get a good crop. 
I've also, strangely, been thinking about piano accordians. And that naturally lead me  to thinking about the Religious Instruction teacher who used to come around during primary school (back in the days when RI was allowed to be taught in schools). I can still see her in her sensible glasses, sensible haircut, sensible shoes, handknitted cardi, buttoned up to the neck floral shirt and box pleated beige skirt. And you knew when she strapped on that piano accordian it wouldn't be long before she would be jiving to the Holy Sound. 
So what got me thinking about piano accordians and RI? 
I was putting waistbands on black pleated skirts.

The skirts won't be finished until later in the week but new patchwork wool bags are ready and waiting in store. Made from vintage wools  each hexagon is about the size of a saucer. I've been playing with these patched pieces for the last couple of years, making skirts and other bits and pieces from the panels but I thought I'd make them up into some bags. It's the same design as the popular linen bags we had for summer. The side panels and tops are made from lovely dark grey wool flannel. They are very lovely even if I say so myself!

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