Thursday, 2 July 2009

just like the myer xmas windows..... but betterer

It may be mid-winter but it's time for the 2nd Gertrude Street Projection Festival!
Opening night is tomorrow, Friday, and the lights will go on at 7pm.

Please come along -there are 22 venues, 100+ artists, 5 nighttime events, 8 nights, 6pm 'til midnight. 
And it's FREE!

So think Myer Xmas windows (you could even wear your pjs and dressing gown if you like)........... except it's a projection festival!
And you can stop off for dinner or a drink as you stroll the length of Gertrude Street.
There is heaps on over the next 8 nights so check here.
And, yes, the secret project is for the festival! 
Drop by Cottage Industry (we are #6 on the map) and you can see the installation Dell and I have been working on.

(Poor dear Dell has been swamped by technical issues and boy do I feel guilt ridden! But her animations are great! Dell is the best!)

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