Saturday, 18 July 2009

melbourne- city of design

I get quite picky about what publications the Cottage appears in. I like this one though!
I was in the last copy that came out for 2007-8 and the launch of the new edition was on Wednesday night at the SoD opening (you have to have a squizz at Lucy's Design Files for all the updates on SoD happenings- I hope she's knocking back the vitamins, she's been flat out reporting!).
This is our map (this image was actually mentioned in The Age yesterday in their review of the book!) on a coffee cup. There are other clever little maps dotted through the Guide.
As I flipped through it the other night I was happily surprised at just how many fabulously talented people I know in Old Melbourne town! It's absolutely swarming with creativity!


  1. Cool map! It would also make an awesome pen-pot once you downed your coffee.

  2. I LOVE that map.
    Especially because it leads to your place.


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