Saturday, 25 July 2009

security guard

Jethro seems to have managed to get the Product Testing Division ticking along nicely. If you have wandered past the shop over the last week you may have seen him in full work mode 'Goldilocking' from one pouffé to the next in the window.
Last night I was cleaning and moving pieces around in the 'jewellery cabinet' and walked back into the shop to find Jethro, in a self-motivated moment, taking on a new role as Security Guard. He insisted on keeping one paw outside the cabinet at all times. He really quite liked it in there. I am thinking of hiring him out to Tiffany (accessorized with a nice Tiffany blue bow of course).


  1. Jethro has very good taste - can you tell me a bit more about (what seems to be by my poor eyesight) those sweet button cuffs please?

  2. Jethro is looking very handsome.

    it looks amazing i will have to come by...


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