Wednesday, 8 July 2009


At last.
A batch of quince jelly I'm proud of.
Jellying this year has been very stressful. 
I think I have been preoccupied and not in the jelly-zone. 
5 jars from 3+kg of knobbly quinces (plus all the 'failures').
But those 5 jars are the colour of garnets. Dark and lush.
(This picture is not the final batch, it's the penultimate jelly.)

I have been trying to decide the perfect way to consume it.
I've toyed with the idea of scones and mascapone or clotted cream.
The taste reminded me of rose petal jelly and that made me think of the Damascus Rose from Bahla's in Brunswick. It consists of circles of filo pastry, buttery and syrupy, layered with Ashtar cream and jelly. 
This might be the Perfect Way of the Quince.


  1. Damascus Rose sounds amazing...
    I have been enjoying this quince jelly, and BTW it is set like jelly once in the fridge.

  2. Oh my goodness it looks amazing. My mum once made quince paste and dried it out by putting on the dashboard of her car. Only in Quorn.

  3. i never thought i could be hypnotised...but the molten lusciousness must be obeyed...cluck cluck meow cluck cluck...sending you all my money...cluck meow meow cluck clcuk woof

  4. dear sneaky
    let you in on a secret...... like your mother I've been known to dry things out in my car too!
    the car also doubles as a mobile storage unit and a rubbish bin.


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