Monday, 13 July 2009

A busy day. 
Picking up fabrics, dyeing gloves, de-installing the Projection Festival installation, cleaning up the piles of mess everywhere (not finished), dragging my sorry-arse around. 
I'm not feeling totally well but also not feeling really ill. My legs ache and my throat is vaguely sore. Part of me wishes if I'm going to finally come down with a winter lurgy so that I could then just get it over with.

Fresh off the presses though....... the new Cottage Industry postcard!! 
We had a few in-store on Saturday and people were snapping them up. It's a fabulous photo from the thirties and you might remember it from when I first announced the shop was going to open. Her shirt is just amazing and I love the armfuls of Brassica.
We also have a small pile of postcards that Leanne and Mandy of Yarn Bombing have sent over. The postcards are to celebrate the launch of their book (our lovely Magnolia Doilii is in the book) and the cards have a pattern on the back. So hurry in! They are both free! 
If you aren't in Melbourne or can't make it in then drop me a line and I'll be happy to post some out to you (there are only limited YB cards so be quick!).

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