Monday, 27 July 2009

three is a collection

I've been flat out for the last two days. Busy, busy, busy.
Yesterday I was up at 6.45am (way too early for a Sunday) and off to Camberwell Market. I haven't been particularly enthused with the Market for sometime. It's got ridiculously overpriced but I did get a good haul for the first time in ages. Most of it from a lovely older couple who had good stuff at reasonable prices. 
But then I was feeling 'generous' because it was hard rubbish week in Camberwell! Two bird cages and an old-skool metal framed (mouse) aquarium. Quite pleased with that score!
Four tins (that I know the Davernator would love), some lovely 50s fabrics, a great afghan (commercial 'handmade' but really nice colours), a wonderful long wooden box, a plumb bob and a old pair of quite small bull nose pliers, a tin bucket, four carpenter's rulers and a swan print behind glass and framed....... and a tablecloth.
In between dyeing gloves yesterday and doing the washing I cleaned up a little display cabinet that's been sitting on the kitchen bench for the last few weeks. As I worked I thought about my collections of 'things'. Applying the 'one is just an object/three is a collection' rule I apparently collect old wooden and glass display cases, carpenter's rulers (I had one, I now have 5), wooden boxes and metal buckets and baskets. Of course this list doesn't include all those 'collections' of things I use in my creative life. All the fabric, tablecloths, machinery, doilies, etc. 
Today was a flurry of activity. I haven't felt quite so productive in a long time. Mind you it's the first time in ages I haven't had to be somewhere other than the studio for a whole day. So I managed to get onto making tea-towel shoppers and working on cushions that have been sitting around unfinished for weeks. And sorting doilies. I love the ones from the 30s with their wonderful slightly manky colours. Brown and teal and coral orange/pink/reds and sagey greens. Lovely. Perfect. And their abstract floral shapes. Inspiring.

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