Saturday, 11 July 2009

mrs monet's garden

Way back in June last year I made this. It has taken me almost a year to scrounge together enough tapestries to make another one or should I say two. They are not quite finished yet as most of friday was spent patching them together and cutting them out and making calico facing panels but they will be ready next week.

As I chopped them out I fell in love with the 
backs. All knotty and fluffy and abstracted. I'm sure Mr Monet would have got to Impressionism much faster if he'd taken any notice of the back of Mrs Monets's tapestries. 

Not long 'til I head back to teaching and still a huge batch of stuff that needs to be sorted. 
I did manage this week to get the new pleated skirts finished. That was a big job. Pleated garments can feel like you are wrestling octopuses when you are working on them. All the 3 dimensions that the fabric now has from the pleating, the thing that makes them so wonderful to wear, makes for exhausting work when sewing them up. 


  1. Oh I love the tapestry pouffe!
    One day I shall commission three for my sitting room.
    Also I posted the shoddy back of my stitching for you.

  2. love it! have been a little inspired recently to get my tapestry hands out and make a cushion or three for our very bare couch.
    i had a lovely time in your shop are shop-girl extraordinaire...i bought three pairs of fingerless gloves - not sure if you remember - my workmate went with the khaki long ones after all. they look fab!
    thanks, shelley t x


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