Tuesday, 3 June 2008

it's going to be an expensive week

My mobile has been dying for sometime and things are getting worse with it. Then yesterday I dropped my little Canon ixus i5 camera on the concrete floor in the kitchen and the mobile phone landed on top of it. Well I've managed to smash the screen on the camera (with the phone). It still takes photos (I pointed and shot the photo above) but the memory card is now full and because I can't see anything on the screen it's really hard to wipe the memory! But let me tell you about the pouffé above- that's far more interesting. It's made from lots of 'other people's craft', bad stitched tapestries but I love it! It has turned out really cool. It's a one-off and I'll probably never get to make another one as it took me ages to collect the panels to make this one. Very excited!

.........and hello to everyone who popped in for a chat on Saturday! 


  1. ohmygod its amazing, this poufe!

    my camera has the same problem, I have grudgingly survived 7months with it on an international adventure... sometimes quite sad to get the photos on my computer and realise the gammy lense didn't even open... Boo for me and you and broken technology...

    but yay for you and wrong crafts

  2. that's a keeper, I think Pen, unless someone offers their first born child for it.

    And I'd probably still choose the pouffe.

    Too, too good.

  3. ps. I'm taking my spare camera into Michael's, today, to see if they can fix the shutter button.

    If they can you can have it.

  4. that's it, the best so far.

    really what better use of other peoples craft output than this fabulous poufe!
    cant tell you how envious I am
    1. of the poufe itself and
    2. that you managed to have that much tapestry to choose from!!!

    Total bummer about the technology though... that trusty canon has survived everything that's been thrown at it thus far, and you're a fervent snapper, I hope both it and the mobi get well soon.


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