Friday, 27 June 2008

oh! possum!

Heading into the city tonight, through the gardens, I had a cheeky little possum run across the grass towards me. He stopped in front of my shoe  and looked up at me. Then he bit the toe of my silver Converse. I told him if he waited about an hour I'd come back with some bread. He nodded and bounced off.
An hour later, having been to the supermarket for some rolls, I strolled back and did my quite effective (if I must say so myself) possum 'chick-chick' and out they all came. One fresh little'n was tugging on the end if my scarf and trying to open my bag. They didn't even care I was using the flash on the camera (and they don't mind being patted either).

* They liked my camera and I think they wanted to take photos of each other.


  1. For real?

    That's amazing. The possums have evolved.

    They'll be sitting in the trees tossing burgers at us next.

  2. Strangely, I was a bit worried about the guy I saw walking through the park as I headed off to the supermarket. He was opening a burger and I thought I should warn him that he might be possum-mugged for his burger! I didn't see him tied up Gulliver style on the way back so I expect he must have got out with his life -if not his dinner.

  3. I got mugged by possums walking through that park. I find their bravado a bit terrifying, and kind of think they will take over the planet with seething masses of cockroaches and rats. EW. But maybe I would feel different if I got to scratch one!
    They are very cute.

  4. absolutely


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