Thursday, 5 June 2008

techno-fried brain

My brain was so fried by having to set up the phone and the camera last night that I couldn't read the new copy of Selvedge that I'd picked up. Normally it's all excitement and inspiration when a fresh edition arrives but the words hurt my eyes and I couldn't absorb the images. I hate that. Bugger.
In fact I feel quite out of whack. Probably the chest infection/gut bug I've had since Saturday is going into its next phase. Haven't left for the studio yet as I'm waiting for the postman, and a cheque that is late, which probably won't arrive and then I'll be annoyed I waited around. Catch 22? Murphy's law? Postman's revenge?
See, I've tried to be a cheerful little blogger but the grumpy old me just can't help rearing her head. I like being cynical and pessimistic (optimists are always let down, pessimists are always pleasantly surprised!), it makes me chuckle. As you can see I'm wasting time sitting here waiting for the postman........(that sounds like a song..... probably Elvis Costello.....)


  1. am having a little groan after that story. i've been bitching about my phone for ages as it slowly stopped doing useful things (like staying connected and ringing out loud). got a newy and it's faulty too. am operating on goddam dial up whilst waiting on broadband upgrade... have just about broken out in a rash from discussions with 'customer service' people.
    a girl can't be all sugar and spice under such circumstances, maintain the rage i say!

  2. then the internet connection crashed for the whole of this afternoon- only just back on-I'm viewing this as the third techno problem........ everything must be going to be ok from now on


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