Thursday, 12 June 2008


I've been working on a notebook project since last year and I just couldn't get it happening. It wasn't hard, it was really simple but ........ it just didn't want to come into being. 
In the last couple of weeks I finally found a company and they made some samples- and I hated them.
This week I realised just how much I hate things that are mass produced. Even though they were blanks that would then be worked on, the whole idea of a thousand identical starting points began to creep me out. So what did I do? The answer was staring me in the face. Duh! Cottage industry!
Kitchen table, me, a pile of paper and my new toy, a hooley-dooley paper trimmer. Sweet.
I don't think they are costing me much more than if I had them done away from the cottage and I'm getting to use lots of different papers (including glassine end papers) and the covers are made from anything I feel like- like vintage grass wallpapers that I have had stored away for years- and my fingers feel like destroying some books to make some books. 
Hopefully this way the boredom won't set in.
So much more fun.
(Can you see why I'll never be rich or famous? I can't help buying equipment and putting my hands to work. At least something came out of this fortnight of coughing and fuzz-headedness.)


  1. You and me both, honey.

    In addition, I can't even sell stuff, it takes so long for me to make.


  2. I always enjoy your lack of enthusiasm for doing anything the 'easy way' becuase it usually equates to the half-assed, mass produced, ugly way that always feels like cheating. Well done on the purchasing of another piece of equipment and three cheers for the cottage industry!



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