Wednesday, 4 June 2008

the great camera/phone attempted murder-suicide of 2008

RIP camera. RIP phone.
This is how it happened. The phone pushed the camera off the kitchen bench onto the concrete floor in the kitchen and then threw itself over the edge, landing on the camera's screen. 
Result 1- one smashed digital camera screen. Camera survived and works but you can't see what you are pointing at. Could be a new game, point and shoot- hmmmm, like the concept!
Why did the phone jump? It has been slowly dying for sometime, perhaps it was euthanasia....
it was just cruel to take the camera out with it.
Result 2- empty bank account and a serious case of techno-migraine. I hate working out how to use new gadgets. I can feel my brain expanding ready to explode out my ears. Also that nervous churn in the pit of my stomach that I have spent the rent money- again. The idea of not having a camera just did my head which is why I had to get a new one asap- and to repair the old camera was going to cost as much or more than to buy a new one. Recycling and technology just don't go together very well sadly.


  1. I just went out and spent $300 on a new LCD monitor for the kid, whose monitor had blown up, only to discover when I unpacked it all to set up, that the old one didn't work because it WASN'T PLUGGED IN PROPERLY.

    You are not alone.

  2. sorry but I almost hit my head on the computer screen from laughing too hard!
    moral of the story- check the leads!
    I've done that one before!
    (eg the digi set top box that wouldn't get sbs- connector was touching the metal grille on the window causing interference! top gear reception now perfect)


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