Monday, 9 June 2008

still sick

Well the bug hasn't gone away- this one is just weird, it's like it's trying out different combinations of snotty-coughy-gastro-y things until it's got it just right. After coughing all over customers, I went up to Romsey on Sunday and coughed all over family. It would make a nice change if I ended up giving the under 10s an illness instead of the other way around, normally it goes up the feeding chain!
I wanted to get some photos of my favourite old house on the road to Romsey but I was in such a hurry on the way there I couldn't stop and it is one of those places you can only see going one way, so I missed it on the way back (which is why I've used an old photo I took last year- but it is a bit of stenciling that is in my new 'hood so I think it passes muster!). By the time I got home I must have been a bit delirious and almost went on the nod on the couch, stumbled into bed and had one of those dribbling early evening naps but woke up a little better.
Normally on a holiday, like today, I would shacked up in the studio working. I find on holidays I get heaps of work done but today I  have Sally from Lulu coming to visit the shop, so I decided to sleep in, eat a late breakfast and read the newspaper and do some work at home. Maybe I need to listen to my Bug and take it a bit cushy for a day/afternoon. 
I certainly haven't been working well for the last week and have hated everything I've started. That is the worst feeling, being excited that you suddenly have the time to do all those projects you've been hanging out to start and then stuffing them all up. Very soul destroying, annoying, temper-tantrum inducing! It really takes all the fun out of creating. And if anyone tries an optimistic platitude on me I'll head-butt ya- ok!?

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