Wednesday, 11 June 2008

cough cough....cough cough

Well I finally made the doctor decision this morning. Coughing up blood is always a good sign it is time to go on the antibiotics! (Apologies to all those squeamish out there- personally I like a bit of graphic yuk!) Twelve days of coughing took its toll. It's not like I was feeling overly ill but everything I was working on turned to dust. That's probably a good sign that something needs to be done.
Now I'm looking forward to actually getting some work sorted...... although I've had bad news on my new machinist, she's too busy to take on more work, back to square one again...... 
I've been playing with the new camera on night-time walks. 
I like my new camera.
Lets hope the anti-bs work.


  1. Take care of thyself! You can't have too many cups of tea, and if you do, it's good training for the pelvic floor!

  2. Hope you're on the mend soon, coughing up blood is not a good look! Unless you're a vampire...?

  3. Does your machinist need to be fast?

  4. oh lordy Miss P, i agree that the new camera night shots are tops, but all that cold air can't be helping your wicked coughing disease can it... please tell me you're going out wrapped from head to to in fluffy Durston originals...


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