Sunday, 22 June 2008


Gregory and I were sitting around the other bemoaning the demise of the incandescent light globe. They might chew energy, be highly un-p.c. in this day and age but nothing beats them.
Then, yesterday, there appeared an article in The Age Good Weekend magazine, I think the writer might have been eavesdropping!
I love the globe, it is wonderful, the light is beautiful and there is no way that you can convince me to start using fluorescent light globes as they are being produced currently- there was a great section at the end, discussing the fact that compact fluorescents contain toxic mercury, are ugly and slow to illuminate, that the quality of light is cold and flat , and best of all as designer Ingo Maurer (whose work you should have a look at) is quoted as predicting "(not entirely jokingly) that switching to CFLs will trigger mass depression and a psychotherapy boom." That made me laugh as I've just spent a small fortune ripping out a whole pile of fluoros from the Cottage. My electrician and a random friend, who dropped in during the renovations, told me it is something you should not try to do yourself- apart from the whole electricity thingy- they both said the fittings are dangerous to work with.
Gregory and I had been joking about filling a cupboard with an incandescent stash and today I headed off to Bunnings to buy the first batch. I plan to sell them on the incandescent blackmarket in the near future.


  1. Couldn't agree more.

    I've been wondering whether soft cream or yellowy cloured shades might make the cfl's better. But I'm not swapping till I absolutely have to.

  2. Too right! I worked in a lighting shop for years and I hate the low energy bulbs.

    What's going to make our chandeliers sparkle when all the pretty bulbs have gone? I stocked up on all the clear bulbs I needed to last a few years!

    When they run out its candle light! Much better ambience.

    Plus they trigger migraine : (

  3. I think I must have been eavsdropping too, same feelings exactly, in fact I'm going to go to Bunnings and get me some proper light globes.


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