Wednesday, 25 June 2008

a view

Another picture from the 'I love my new camera series'.
This is the view from my desk. Every day is different. Sometimes the Collins Place towers are wreathed in cloud, fog and rain. Sometimes I can watch the cloud shadows float across their surface. And at night they glow.


  1. I lived in so many share houses in my time and it only occurred to me at my last house that I could of taken a photo of every bedroom window view as a photo journal. Would of been a great coffee table book!

    Another idea is taking a photo of every letter box at the house you lived in.

    Oh and I have just one more... taking a photobooth photo of yourself every birthday for the rest of your life.

    I love your view, reminds me of my view when I lived above The Morning Star Hotel in Fitzroy.

    Angela xx

  2. oh my god
    angela you are a woman after my own heart...
    I once started a polaroid a day photo journal I planned doing over a whole year... went for it all through january and february - then realised how much it would cost to complete the whole year and decided saving to travel through india was a much better plan!!


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